Circus, variety, and cabaret are reimagined in the work of renowned performance artist, David Pereira. Passion and physical prowess dominate his acts as he defies our preconceptions of the corporeal limitations within the realm of performance. Dance, theatre, and art fuse into one as his distinctive stylistic lines and movement mesmerize us with captivating stories of the human condition.His prestige is the result of a lifetime of passion. Practicing ballet at 12, being an award-winning gymnast and acrobat by 14, and even joining the ranks of the famed Cirque du Soleil by 18, his ability to encapsulate his immense charisma within his artistry was undeniable. After studying under the greats of acting, clowning, and circus in our generation, at only 22 his original creation “David Pereira’s Trip” became an undisputed Berlin institution, playing at the Wintergarten Berlin, Sziget Festival, The Famous Spiegeltent, and GOP Variete. Elevated to an icon of performance in the Berlin night scene, Pereira’s creative, technical, and innovative acts and bodily creations were propelling him to international stardom.Pereira’s career has been nothing short of remarkable, with starring roles in works such as “Der Helle Wahnsinn”, “Cats”, “Big Fish”, Federico Garcia Lorca’s most complex text “The Public”, and the Olivier Award-winning "La Clique” as well as taking the stage at historic venues like London’s West End and the Folies Bergère in Paris. His inspirational story and unparalleled talent led him to be a speaker for The International Peace Foundation in Thailand and awards from France’s Got Talent competition, Got To Dance Germany, and the European Dance Awards. People the world over have recognized his impact, receiving praise from publications including Culture Fix, the Herald Sun, Broadway World, Arts Hub, Aussie Theatre, and even the New York Times for his virtual experiences.Worldwide, viewers are stunned and awestruck by his groundbreaking techniques and abilities. As he continues on this exponential path of success, he has cemented himself as a must-see, can’t-miss, once-in-a-lifetime performer.

"Unfathomable flexibility, strength and skill." - Broadway World"David Pereira’s routines are stunning packing beautiful finesse and style into his movements." - Culture Fix"It's a rare skill to be magnetic, mesmerising and a mirror-ball all in the space of 75 minutes." - Herald Sun"Graceful, flexible, cheeky, and oozing sex appeal, each of his acts were absolute standouts." - Arts Hub"Riveting and awe inspiring." - Aussie Theatre

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“Twilight” is the contortionist dance act created by Pereira alongside Markus Pabst and Pierre Caesar in 2008 incorporating elements of acrobatics, hand-balancing, gymnastics, and dance in an otherworldly presentation of the human body. He glides from movement to movement with such precise effortlessness like an ethereal being not meant for our world; his angelic nature accentuated by the use of wings throughout his performance. He seemingly defies the constraints of physics as he interacts with a shopping trolley; leaping and bounding across its frame while by some mysterious force the trolley remains stationary. A viewer is overcome with emotion as they partake in a voyeuristic experience of this divine creature who has fallen to Earth.

The Hula Hoop Act depicts a comical exchange of two opposites elevated by the incredible acrobatic skills and physical dexterity with the hula hoop. Performed as a duo, the plot of the act revolves around the uncontrollable nature of a free-willed individual, Pereira, who toys with notions of feminine and masculine identity through the use of high-heels as he performs. Pereira pushes the limitations of his co-performer through taunting and flirting and even engaging with the audience directly. The performer is constantly exasperated by the tiresome nature of Pereira’s insolence. As the act continues Pereira finds his attitude being matched as his co-performer garners the strength to beat him at his own game. Pereira is forced to leave the stage, disheartened being met with the same frustrations he instilled in the performer from the start. The act provides an enjoyable and humorous experience that crosses the genres of clowning and cabaret where themes of sexuality, innocence, and self-discovery emerge.

Immense power and delicate beauty collide in Pereira’s Aerial Silk act; a fusion of acrobatics and contortion. His body seamlessly flowing like fabric matched with his stark movements and extensions of his body. His movements are complimented by his signature style, climbing the silks while dressed in denim. A visual juxtaposition as the rough denim crashes against the softness of the silk, the restrictive nature of the cloth accentuated by the effortless flow of the aerial ribbons. The performance is seductive evoking raw emotions intensified by its pairing with bold vocals or cinematic orchestra. The discipline and grace become both physically and emotionally demanding for both artist and viewer.

In this high-class cabaret performance, the audience partakes in an intimate yet comedic look at Pereira as he acrobatically shaves his entire body. Such a routine task takes on a life of its own as Pereira slathers his entire nude body in foam before the audience, takes the razor to his skin in daring ways, and even approaches the audience for a helping hand. Despite the fact that the performance exudes sexuality, the audience cannot help but be overtaken by the charisma, the talent, and the humor inherent in the act. While the audience may initially feel a sense of shock as Pereira removes his towel, the sincerely charming vulnerability of the performance leaves all who witness the performance with a smile. He encapsulates how the human body cannot be reduced into a single descriptor but is a place of experimentation and endless possibilities.

David Pereira was born in Vigo, Spain with a beautiful vibrant energy.From a young age, David faced beratement, insults, and violence aiming to diminish his dreams of becoming an artist and instill a sense of shame. Throughout his tumultuous childhood and mental struggles with anxiety, the only time he felt truly himself was in dance.At 12, David convinced his parents to let him pursue dance classes where he discovered a love for ballet. He studied avidly, practiced vigorously, and expanded his skills. While his parents discouraged new classes, he found himself drawn to rhythmic and artistic gymnastics; pushing his own body’s limitations. He was recognized by the local acrobatic club and finally received his parents’ support to train in the realm of acrobatics, where he competed nationally 5 times. At 17, he began his artistic career and was cast for Got Talent Spain, where he reached the semifinal. In pursuit of the big top, David auditioned for Cirque du Soleil and was cast for the production in Lecce, Italy. He then returned to Vigo to continue developing his practice, and while he was unable to undertake an academic endeavor, he began working across Spain through his growing network.He caught the attention of Markus Pabst. The two began a partnership that led to David’s relocation to Berlin. The two performed their new act, Twilight, which allowed David to test new themes and modes of performance as the creator of his own show. He incorporated props like the hula-hoop, high heels, denim wardrobe, and aerial silks while finding inspiration from Berlin’s cabaret and LGBTQIA culture. These experiences led to David Pereira’s Trip; exploring intersections of performance, visual arts, and fashion. David and Jack Woodhead became the iconic hosts of the show performing the act for four years internationally. David continued performing for popstars, starring in television commercials, performing in musicals, becoming a professional lyricist, and even being an honored speaker at the International Peace Foundation.However, with the enormous amount of energy that David spent fighting to achieve his dreams and working tirelessly to meet the demands he felt his mental health decline. He abandoned his dreams and returned to Spain. Nevertheless, in less than a year he realized the stage was his home. When David was offered to perform at Italy’s Tu is Que Vales, he knew this was his opportunity. He then received offers from The Box Soho in London, began training as a text actor, starred in Lorca: A Theatre Beneath the Sand, and performed at London’s West End.The challenges of 2020 did not demotivate David. He continued his clown training, performed virtually, modeled, contributed to a short film, and began rehearsing his latest solo theatre piece Lebenskunst. This time allowed David to explore new aspects of himself and he is eager to return to the stage in July with the continuation of his 2020 Wintergarten Berlin 2020er Revue Show.David’s path as a performer reflects a turbulent journey of finding oneself. His years have proven that despite criticisms, disappointments, and self-doubt that he is at his happiest on the stage. Traveling the world, encountering unique individuals, and engaging new audiences has become his home, his family, and his love.

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